09 April → 05 June 2020

Tourism Operator/Stakeholder 1:1 Consultations

Staff from Bannikin Travel & Tourism will reach out to select tourism operators for an indepth interview on opportunities and challenges in the tourism sector.

10 February → 24 February 2021

Online Resident Survey

Survey available Feb. 10-24, 2021

16 February → 17 February 2021

Industry Consultation on MAT and the Future of Destination Marketing

02 March 2021

Public Information Session

In March 2020, Bannikin Travel & Tourism began a process to develop a Destination Development Master Plan for Prince Edward County, one that will guide development of the tourism sector for the next five to seven years. The Master Plan seeks to bring better balance to Prince Edward County's tourism sector, balancing the needs of residents, businesses, visitors and the environment.

Join Bannikin for an online Public Information Session providing an overview of their findings on March 2. Register here

15 July 2021

Presentation of Destination Development Master Plan to Committee of the Whole