FIELDS OF WELLINGTON - Decision January 20, 2021

The proposed subdivision (File No. 13-T-20-501) consists of the development of approximately 690 dwelling units including detached dwellings, linked unites, townhouses and apartments on parcel having civic address of Consecon Street.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment (File No. OPA1-2020) is to re-designate lands identified on Schedule 'A' of the Wellington Urban Secondary Plan as neighbourhood development area. The re-designation will establish development policies and permit the development of a plan of subdivision.

Through Zoning Amendment (File No. Z25-20), the proposed new lots will be rezoned from the Rural 1 (RU1) Zone to Special Urban Residential Type Two (R2-xx) Zone, Special Urban Residential Type Three (R3-xx) Zone, Special Open Space (OS-xx) Zone and Special Future Development (FD-xx) Zone to permit the proposed residential development.

April 2020 Submission Documents

1. Planning Justification Report

2. Draft Plan of Subdivision

3. Draft Zoning By-Law Amendment

4. Environmental Evaluation

5. Geotechnical Report

6. Landscape Master Plan

7. Master Environmental Servicing Plan

8. Municipal Financial Impact Analysis

9. Neighbourhood Concept Plan

10. Neighbourhood Design Brief

11. Sustainability Statement

12. Traffic Impact Study

13. Community Facilities Needs Assessment

November 2020 Submission Documents

1. Draft Official Plan Amendment

2. Draft Plan

3. Draft Zoning By-Law Amendment

4. EIS Response Letter

5. Master Landscape Plan

6. Neighbourhood Concept Plan

7. Scoped Master Environmental Servicing Plan Addendum Letter

8. Traffic Impact Study

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