TALBOT ON THE TRAIL - Decision of Draft Plan Approval January 20, 2021

The application is coming forward to Planning Committee Meeting January 20, 2020 for Draft Plan Approval.

The proposed subdivision (File No. 13-T-20-502) consists of the development of approximately 290 residential dwelling units (at full build-out) including two-story freehold townhouses, three-to-four-story stacked townhouses, two-to-two-and-a-half-story back-to-back townhouses and a single detached dwelling on a parcel having civic address on Talbot Street.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment (File No. OPA4-2020) proposes to re-designate the lands from 'Service Area 3' to 'Service Area `1' on Schedule 'F' Secondary Plan Service Areas Map in the Picton Urban Secondary Plan. The OPA also proposes to re-designate lands a small portion of the Environmental Protection Area to Town Residential Area on Schedule A of the Secondary Plan. Schedule B of the Secondary Plan is proposed to be changed through the re-designation of the subject lands from future roads to local roads.

Through Zoning Amendment (File No. Z45-20), the proposed new lots will be rezoned from the Future Development (FD) Zone to an Urban Residential Type One (R1) Zone as well as a range of Special Urban Residential Type Three (R3) Zones to permit the proposed residential development.

The proposed parkland dedication will be rezoned to Open Space (OS), the EIS supported wetland is proposed to be rezoned to the Environmental Protection (EP) Zone and the Single Detached lot will be rezoned to the Urban Residential Type 1 (R1) Zone.

Comments provided on the project at the statutory public meeting on November 4, 2020, lead to the developer revising the draft plan of subdivision and Concept Plan. Specifically, the proposal now has reduced density, zoning setbacks to reduce concerns regarding building transition, parking and other concerns.

The following documents were submitted in support of the application:

Concept Plan Dec 2020

Draft Plan of Subdivision Dec 2020

Parking Plan Dec 2020

Quinte Conservation Comments

Planning Justification Report

Environmental Impact Study

Geotechnical Report

Stormwater Management Report

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