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It expresses the minority politics of heritage extremism as a defence against the truths in the emerging TRR.

by Steve Staniek,
Since I moved here 10 years ago, I began to study colonial and post colonial Canada, as part of the British Empire. To me, the Macdonald statue represents colonial and post colonial crimes against humanity as revealed in the TRR. It took the Spirit of Truth, over 150 years to fight its way bravely out of the dark delusions that opposed it, like white Christian supremacy, that kept everyone ignorant of the religious terrorism being perpetrated against 150,000 native children over 150 years. It is indeed Canada's hidden indigenous holocaust, and this horror must be recognized, owned, and indeed embraced as our new history, as Canada's shadow side, before real healing can begin.. Macdonald became the legal source of many generational traumas that need to heal before we can move ahead.

Macdonald's victims are many, and hail from coast to coast to coast. His legacy is in the form of millions of destroyed lives to this very day. The child suicide rate is the highest on first nations reserves.

Any post-colonial victims walking on Picton's Main Street, would be faced with the gaunty abomination.

Please respect and protect the rest of the 99% in this County that do not share your obvious heritage extremism, by remove the statue to a safe place where only those who still self identify as British Christians can still enjoy it.

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