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Our past is our shame

by Kelvin Wannamaker,
Let's just admit it, most of our ancestor's mine included were "given" land by the King of England after the American Revolution and we call ourselves United Empire Loyalists for this reason. We flourished in this land, land taken from the native inhabitants, and continue to this day. Honesty around what we did to the native people of this continent hasn't been a strong point of White society until very recent times. I'm 64 years old, completed my secondary education here in the Belleville area, and moved on. History, Canadian history was an important subject taught those many years ago to those of us who attended school in the 1960s and 1970s. The only thing wrong with this is that the atrocities we White people committed against our fellow Indigenous brothers and sisters were never taught, never explained we were ignorant of these facts and many are still today ignorant of these facts. Those great historical figures from Canada's past like Sir John A. MacDonald do play a part in our history and an important part but should we, White society impose the likenesses of these people on those who had their existence and lives irreparably altered, destroyed, wiped clean? Is this how we as a society really want to treat those who suffered, died all so one group of people could flourish, control, and maintain dominance over another. These statues and in particular the one in Picton now only show our selfishness, our pride, ignoring others.
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