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Sir John A. McDonald should Stay

by Johanna McCarthy,

The art installation of Sir John a McDonal “Holding Court’ is that of a young Sir John who argued his first case as a lawyer at the Picton Court House. Sir John grew up in Picton and he is part of Picton’s history. It is this history that the statue represents.

It was the Parliament of 1880 that voted for the amendment of the Indian Act to place Indigenous children in Residential Schools, it not just Sir John A MacDonald personally. The residential schools were in place for over 100 years and any of the later Prime Ministers or parliaments could have changed the treaty to have the children back with their parents and put schools on the reservations.

It was the members of the Church (priests and nuns) that abused the Indigenous children so in the same way people who wish to take down Sir John’s A. MacDonalds statue, then perhaps all the statues of Jesus should be taken down and removed.

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