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Statues glorify, they don’t teach

by Bethany MacInnes,
The statue of Macdonald on Picton Main Street glorifies a person who perpetrated a deliberate genocide of indigenous people; he put into place policies that are still negatively affecting indigenous people today. Why would we honour that person with a statue? Because he started his legal practice in our area?

The statute should be completely removed from Main Street. Putting up a plaque as some suggest to tell “the other side“ of Macdonald’s Legacy isn’t good enough. We cannot say that as a country we are committed to reconciliation when we continue to glorify despicable people.
To those who say that removing the statue is somehow erasing history, I would like to remind them that the statue has only been in place for five years. We aren’t talking about a A historic art piece in our town. It was commissioned and put in place by people with money and privilege. It was moved onto public property without consulting the public. It should never have been installed in the first place.

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