Why are you proposing new building permit fees?

    In 2002 the Building Department moved to an "enterprise system." All the revenue generated would stay within the department to cover all direct and indirect costs. This type of system was mandated for all building departments in Ontario as part of Bill 124, which came into effect July 1, 2005.

    At the current level of service provided, the department is unable to continuously meet the timelines for issuing building permits and performing the required inspections as set out in the Ontario Building Code due to the increase in the number of building permits being issued and the added number of inspections.

    How did you arrive at the proposed new building permit fees?

    County staff looked at the cost of additional staff required to maintain the turnaround time for issuing permits and inspections as mandated by the province. Furthermore, County staff compared current County of Prince Edward building permit fees to neighbouring municipalities.

    How much are building fees going to increase?

    The proposed fees for new buildings will be an increase of $3.00 per square metre and renovation to existing buildings will be increased by $2.00 per square metre. The septic permit fee will be raised from $300.00 to $600.00.

    See this chart for a breakdown in fees for an average 2,000-square- foot home, a commercial building, and assembly-type building in Prince Edward County (current and proposed), City of Quinte West, City of Belleville, and Loyalist Township.

    Will service levels improve with increased building permit fees?

    The increase in building permit fees would allow the County of Prince Edward to meet the provincially mandated turnaround time for issuing permits and inspections.

    By increasing fees, the County would have the ability to hire the additional staff needed to fulfill its mandate. It is estimated that the additional staff, consisting of one full-time building inspector, one six-month contract building inspector, and related expenses, would be between $140,000 and $160,000.

    Will increased building fees put Prince Edward County at a disadvantage relative to neighbouring municipalities?

    No. In the review of the County's current building permit fees in relation to neighbouring municipalities, the County's fees are the lowest in the area. With the proposed increases the County would still be lowest overall. Some of the City of Belleville's residential fees will be slightly less but the city typically has several large commercial projects that offset this difference.