Stakeholder Survey Now LIVE!

by Rebecca Lamb,

You can now access the stakeholder consultation survey.

This stakeholder consultation survey will help inform the size, shape, skills/experience, and representation of the inaugural DMO Board of Directors.

It is now live:

Complete the survey at the link below by April 5 to have your say.

Results from this phase of consultation will be summarized, and used to inform the Staff report to Council on Thursday April 14, 2022. This report will include a municipal by-law to allow the DMO to legally incorporate, a summary of the stakeholder engagement consultations to date, and a request to begin recruitment for the inaugural Board of Directors informed by that summary.

Stakeholder Consultation Session Updates

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in attending one of our eight stakeholder consultation sessions this and last week. All attendees will have been contacted with more information as of today and we very much look forward to speaking with you if we haven't already.

Note: if you attended a session we still highly recommend that you complete a survey so we can capture your views quantitatively. Please do this after your session.

If you were unable to attend a session, don't worry! The qualitative feedback from the sessions will be considered equally alongside with the results of the survey - which is open to all stakeholders. If you have any additional comments not related to the DMO board make-up you can share them on Have Your Say or they can be addressed to

Public Information and Feedback Meeting

The municipality is continuing public consultation regarding the new Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) with a public information meeting on Monday, April 4, 7-9pm at the Wellington and District Community Centre (111 Belleville Street).

The public information meeting is intended to provide a progress update to residents, businesses and organizations who do not operate directly within the tourism sector.

This is a hybrid meeting where participants can attend in-person or through Zoom. To register to participate, email or call 613.476.2148 extension 2506.

A note about returning to in-person meetings:

In line with provincial and local public health measures, masks and vaccination proof are no longer mandatory to enter County of Prince Edward facilities. Though face masks are not mandatory, some people may choose to keep wearing their masks. The County encourages the public to be kind and respectful to others, regardless of whether they are wearing a mask or not.

The County encourages people visiting any County facility to conduct a self-health assessment for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering. The County asks that anyone with symptoms not visit until symptoms have cleared.


What is the purpose of this phase of consultation?

This round of consultation is required to establish the legal filing of the Municipal Services Corporation that will act as the DMO. Public consultation as well as a case study and a municipal by-law is required to allow the corporation to exist. If /when these are passed at Council will consider this by-law at a special meeting on Thursday, April 14 and, if approved, the legal filing can proceed and the corporation will formally exist.

When will we get to provide input on the marketing, operations, and other details of the DMO?

Decisions related to the new DMO's budget, strategy, marketing plans, by-laws, policies and partnerships are all subject to future consultation once the inaugural board of directors is in place, and will not be addressed during this phase of consultation. These future consultations are anticipated to take place in Spring 2022.

How can I participate in a facilitated consultation session?

Registration for facilitated consultation sessions is now closed, but you can complete an equally-weighted survey here.

Could there be more sessions?

The 8 sessions covering various tourism sectors are within the scope of funds and timeline leading up to the April 14 special meeting of Council. There will be additional consultation opportunities on the new DMO's by-laws, policies, values and operations in the next phase of the project.

What am I missing by just completing the survey?

Stakeholder / sector feedback collected through the survey and the consultation sessions are equally weighted and the questions are the same. What you miss by not attending a consultation session is a discussion between sector peers that is facilitated by a third party.

Why isn't the notice/consultation period longer?

We are working efficiently this spring to transition the DMO work from the municipality to the new DMO in a way that avoids any gap in services provided to the sector. This timeline allows us to ensure the new DMO is legally established, and able to recruit for directors and staff in time for the 2022 tourism season.

When do the residents and/or businesses not directly within the tourism sector get to provide feedback on the DMO?

Those affected by tourism but not actively part of the tourism sector are invited to complete the survey, share their questions and comments on Have Your Say or contact An in-person public information and feedback session will be held for residents and those not directly within the tourism sector on Monday, April 4. Details will be shared on Have Your Say and through The County's communication channels in late March.

How do local organizations & associations related to tourism fit into this?

Representatives of local organizations and associations related to tourism have been a part of these consultation sessions, but you may also complete a survey if you want to have a say on the DMO board make-up. If you are interested in having an information session about the DMO in general for your members/association/organization please contact

What advice will the consultants give in the final report?

The Stakeholder Engagement Facilitators' role is to collect informed stakeholder/sector feedback, and summarize what they hear. This summary will influence the recruitment process for the inaugural DMO board of directors by way of the staff report going to Council on April 14. The consultants are not hired to provide their personal advice or recommendations.

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