Section 2.0 County Context and Future Direction

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

The overarching vision of the new Official Plan can be found within Section 2.3. The elements of an abundance of agricultural lands, environmentally protected landscapes, shorelines, and a mix of settlement areas together form the County’s desirable quality of life and quality of place. The above noted vision and the Provincial Policy Statement’s guiding principle to concentrate growth within our settlement areas (villages, hamlets) are important themes within the proposed plan.

As development occurs the plan envisions that development is compatible with what is existing (i.e the look and feel of a hamlet). The plan also requires that development does not cause harm or negatively impact the environment, agricultural land or lead to public health and safety concerns. This section also sets out projections for population and employment growth until the year 2038. 

Questions to consider:

Does the plan’s vision capture the essence of the County? 

The population and employment projections have a large impact on further policy development within the plan. Do you agree with the growth as presented? If not, what are your thoughts and how might your idea(s) affect policy development?

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