Section 5 The County Toolbox

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This section speaks to the different ways that the municipality can implement the policies of the plan. 

The division of land takes place in two ways: plans of subdivision and consent for severance. In reviewing subdivision and severance applications, the plan permits the County to ask for appropriate studies to support the proposed request. The plan also indicates the process an application must take before it is approved, such as pre-consultation before an application is made, how the County attains comments regarding applications, and how an official approval is given, either by a Council by-law or an agreement with the County. 

In terms of consents for severance, the plan again recognizes the desired vision of the County, the Provincial Policy Statement for directing growth to settlement areas, and the desire to protect agricultural lands. As such, the number of severances permitted is to be reduced to one from the existing two.

Applications for Site Plan are ways in which the plan permits individual pieces of land to be developed. Policies indicate what is required in advance of the County reviewing and approving such applications. The plan permits the municipality to ask for land or cash for parkland purposes when applications for commercial, residential, and industrial development are approved. The plan also recognizes the role the public plays in the various development applications submitted to the County and policies indicate how and when the public are to be engaged and their input sought. 

Question for consideration:

Are you satisfied with the how the County can use its tool to implement the vision and policies of the plan? 

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